How the Online Clinic works...



Register with your real name or nickname, in both cases your data will be safe, and your privacy is protected according to the relevant European Union laws.

To dispel any doubts you have, please read the terms & conditions and privacy policy. Our system is designed to protect you and protect your privacy, and it is based on the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the laws of the European Union in this regard. If you have any request or question, do not hesitate for a moment to contact us.


Choose your Doctor

You can search for the doctors according to their medical specialties, read their profiles and send your medical reports to the doctor and leave a message.

We always prefer to contact the doctor first, make sure he is willing to help, send him a message explaining the medical condition, and specify how you want him to help you:
1. Do you want a message consultation only or a video call consultation as well?
2. Is it a one-time consultation or do you want the doctor to follow up with you more than once? .
3. Do you need to request a medical report from him?
4. Check the available time period.
On this basis, you can request a quote from the doctor.
All information that you will share with a doctor through this website is protected by us.
Feel free to contact us for any complaint or problem



Pay the Doctor’s fees

If the Doctor agreed the case, even you can choose the consultation’s services from the doctor’s online clinic, or the doctor will send you a quote.
you can pay by your Credit Cards via Stripe or by PayPal.

For better protection, we use the best and most secure payment methods, which ensure that all your data is protected and not stored in our database. We have used the best in the world of digital payments: PayPal and Stripe.
Payment methods:
PayPal Method: It is a secure payment gateway to the global PayPal site. All that is required is to put the PayPal email address. No PayPal password will be stored on GmeDOC website.
The Stripe method: It is the safest and best payment gateway to deal with Visa, MasterCard and others. No information about your account numbers or confidential passwords will be saved on GmeDOC website.


Get well Soon

Now you can chat with the Doctor, make a video or audio call, or receive a medical Report from the Doctor.
All your Data is protected and Secured.